Audio Communication

/Audio Communication

Cruise Ships

The Naval sector has always been one of TELEA’s area of expertise, especially in the Cruise Ship application. Telea Tecnovision has supplied many full, on board, Audio Management systems also including theatres, discos etc., as well as providing video communication throughout. More than 10 cruise ships around the world can boast to


A safe industrial environment requires an efficient audio communication system, able to give emergency signals and service messages within the entire complex, even in high noise conditions. Telea makes available to customers a wide range of products to meet every need and critical issues: Intercom terminals and systems, microphones, audio amplifiers,

Oil & Gas

Safety in the use of explosion-proof equipment is governed by standards that encode the characteristics of enclosures and explosion-proof products, depending on the specific use and nature of the gases in the environment to be controlled. Telea Tecnovision has the skills to operate in this specific field, with suitable