Our history

//Our history


Telea Tecnovision S.r.l is a fast-growing company and one of the most dynamic Italian companies operating in the field of audio, video and active safety technologies, for use in the industrial sector and for the service of large infrastructures and advanced tertiary sectors.

From April 2011 Tecnovision acquired TELEA, a historic company on the national scene, and has established an organization structured in three “business units” focused on the specific needs of customers in their respective sectors:

Industrial CCTV Systems

Iron & Steel




Products & Solutions

Oil e Gas

Power e Utilities



Control of territory

Audio Communications

Oil e Gas


Cruise ships


High temperature cameras


CCTV & Integrated security systems


Termographic systems


Audio Communication


Telea Tecnovision S.r.l.  has very deep roots, being able to count on the experiences developed by TELEA.

Founded in the 1930s, as part of the original Magneti Marelli, TELEA has grown as a reference point for its market, establishing itself at the highest levels, as a producer and service provider, aimed at creating works distinguished by their quality and garde. Over time it matures and consolidates the constructive spirit of those who invest in new technologies, in the high qualification of personnel and in the constant search for innovative and unique solutions. These characteristics have allowed it to expand its markets, in fact constituting a leading position, in sectors where high levels of quality are required and strong ability to interpret the most complex needs, proposing customized solutions and pre and post sales services tailored to customers more demanding.

Today, this spirit lives in Telea Tecnovision, supported by a result-oriented organization, flexible in adapting to the needs of the customer and quick to respond and take appropriate action to gather opportunities that the international market offers to those with the ability to create values.








  • 1930s TELEA born as a division of Magneti Marelli (later within the Fiat Group) with the aim of developing electroacoustic technology for large areas and for the industrial markeT
  • 1950s In Magneti Marelli born closed circuit television, with the first cameras and related control units, entirely made with valves.
  • 1960s TELEA carries out the control system for the Milan and Rome metro lines.
  • 1970s The surveillance system of the Mont Blanc Tunnel is designed and built.
  • 1980s the first video control systems for the branches of the Bank of Italy are completed, with over 65 systems with a very high technological content.
  • 1990s TELEA realizes the very sophisticated Public Address systems, lights and sounds for numerous cruise ships (10).
  • 1998 Research and commitment in the field of industrial process controls are rewarded with the success of the integrated image and data centralization system of the Enel power plant in Brindisi and its coal transport belt, the largest in Europe and the third in the world.
  • 2002 After twenty years marked by an appreciated technical service, the Bank of Italy entrusts TELEA with the construction of a new batch of particularly advanced systems for the video control of its subsidiaries. A further step in the application of new technologies is made with the supply of the complex and prestigious system for the city control of Florence, developed on a TCP / IP network.
  • 2005 In the major investments of the energy industry in Italy, TELEA is a company that deals with the design and supply of video surveillance systems for 6 Thermoelectric Power Plants from SnamProgetti for Eni in Italy.
  • 2006 TELEA creates the video control and remote management system for over 4 lots of the Palermo-Messina motorway.
  • 2008 TECNOVISION establishes itself as a leader in the design and construction of high temperature vision systems on the Italian market.
  • 2010 TECNOVISION increases its presence on international markets with over 50% of sales for installation in non-EU countries.
  • 2011 TECNOVISION acquires ownership of TELEA.
  • 2015 The company acquires new company name such as TELEA TECNOVISION Srl.