New. Compact. Improved. Suitable for every need. Telea has developed its new proprietary camera “CAM21X” for industrial high temperature vision system. Available in both IP and Analogue versions (dual ouput), CAM21X box camera combines excellent image quality with ultra-compact dimensions, becoming an extremely versatile and durable product.

New INTEC release for Sondatec P

Telea has developed a new “INTEC” device release suitable for use with Sondatec P series, an integrated solution with double air cooling system.  

New Zoom High Performance Camera

Telea expands its product catalog with a new compact IP based zoom camera (TN-B230N17) that meets the high performance required in various industrial environments.  

New high temperature camera WIDE lens

Telea offers on the market a new high temperature camera suitable for all applications that require wide angles of view. Available as axial or inclined vision type, it allows to reach horizontal angles of view up to 112°.  

New high temperature portable system “S” series

Telea has developed a new portable system ideal for mobile inspection in high temperature environments. “S” series has been designed for all applications that require a small entrance diameter and it combines the performance of an HD IP camera with a water and air-cooled housing made of Stainless Steel.

New IRScan PTZ Controller

Telea has expanded his IRScan® series for fire detection system or automation solutions based on infrared cameras, with the new IRScan PTZ controller, a virtual keyboard that manages up to 9 PTZ for thermal imaging devices. Used together with Ethernet RS485/IP server, it allows a full control of pan and tilts, including

New IP network desktop paging console

Telea has expanded his intercom series with the new IF-IP-85NT03, a IP desktop intercom station developed for provide the flexibility and the immediacy required to an intercom system for use in industrial and critical site. Installed in a control room, it is the ideal solution for broadcasting, video intercom and monitoring

New heavy duty stainless steel PTZ unit

Telea has expanded its range of PTZ unit with the new DOV53HT, the ideal accessory to be used where is required to monitoring large and different areas through only one camera. This special version is used in Iron and Steel application and in all heavy duty environments where corrosion or dusty

New integrated PTZ for Thermal imaging camera

Telea brings to market the new DOV57Ge, a high-performance PTZ complete with telemetry receiver inside integrated with a IP67 camera housing with special Germanium window, available in two different usable diameters: 55mm or 30mm. DOV57Ge offers continuous, high speed rotation, positioning precision, almost sturdiness and simplified system configuration.

Galaxy server with integrated Touch Station

Telea has expanded its range of products with the new Galaxy Server GA-SR-15-02: the new Telea VoIP matrix, designed to meet the specific needs of settled audio medium and large size, allows the integration of audio systems for communication and the extension of installations public address. The system configuration is performed