Power plants

Since the ’70 Telea Tecnovision’s system are used to check the boiler’s flame of frontal, front-back and tangential burners. The great experience acquired in this field leads to offer a product based on a consolidated project that, in conjuncion with the quality of the materials employed, such as optical periscopes and scabbards made of special steels, enables to guarantee a certain return of the investment over time. Telea Tecnovision supports the customer offering technical services, maintenance activities and spare parts all over the world, also for systems installed more than 30 years ago.


High temperature cooled housings

The automated insertion/extraction systems of the INTEC series, have been designed to ensure an easy operation and protection of the high temperature camera housings SONDATEC and periscopes SONDATEC PRO in high temperature situations.
The system consists of a rail unit, pneumatic activator and porthole shutter plate for the furnace wall.

The CABTEC control cabinet system, which controls all electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic functions, also control the safe extraction of the housing from the furnace when water/air flow are impaired or the camera working temperature is exceeded. When extracted, the SONDATEC is further protected against high temperatures by a passive shutter system which closes the porthole.
Our Engineering Dept will provide the assistance required for the correct functioning of the system with specific drawings also for the aperture on the furnace wall.


Retracting devices for camera housings

INTEC series automated insertion and extraction devices are designed to facilitate the use and security of the SONDATEC series and the SONDATECpro optical periscopes for high temperature enclosures. The device consists of pneumatic actuator and porthole portions to the boiler / oven wall. Through the use of CABTEC series of hydraulic-pneumatic control cabinets, in the face of reduced cooling water flow, optical air cleaning pressure, or overflow of the maximum water temperature or of the operating temperature of the camera, the device guarantees the extraction of the probe for high temperatures.


Control cabinets

The cabinets of CABTEC series allow electrical control, providing the correct supply to the cameras, and hydraulic/pneumatic management: in case of malfunction of the cooling cleaning system (air/water), the device manages the pneumatic (cylinder) or electric actuators (motors) that move the relative protection shutter to ensure the protection of the high temperature vision system.

The typically contained instrumentation consists of: pressure switches, flow switches, thermostats, analogue and digital pressure gauges according to customer’s specific requirements. Different types and materials such as painted steel, laminated polyester or stainless steel are available.


Rear boiler, Tangential boiler