Power & Utilities

The electric power supply has always required the presence of security systems and Telea Tecnovision solutions, especially in thermoelectric plants, are worldwide spread.
Telea Tecnovision offers vision systems for boiler burners, cameras for the control of smokes chimney, control systems for coal conveyers.
In the matter of coal deposit, the company has developed solutions ad hoc expressly for the thermographic analysis of the pictures for fire prevention.


Solutions & products

In the photovoltaic field Telea Tecnovision supplies integrated solutions for perimetral protection and video surveillance, with intrusion detection by passive infrared sensors, able to guarantee reliability in a wide range of environmental conditions. Following an alarm acquisition, the information is clearly managed through a specific software with user interface that can be expected both on site and remotely.
Video information, event log and interactive maps of specific areas alarmed are automatically provided, as well as play back functions. In case of discontinuous surveillance, alarm information and sending pictures can be done via SMS, voice calls and MMS / E-mail.


Thermographic vision systems & Fire detection

In the matter of coal deposit, Telea has developed solutions ad hoc expressly for the thermographic analysis of the pictures, such as the IRScan® series for fire detection system. Being fast (due to the DC motor), precise, reliable and with long life cycle (thanks to the use of encoder instead of potentiometer) Telea’s IRScan® is different from the similar products existing in the market.
The system is complete with two independent RS485 serial lines­: one for commanding the IRScan® PTZ unit remotely from the control room (using Pelco-D Protocol), and the second one for configuration of the PTZ parameters (done through Telea’s software “Configbra”).
The new IRScan PTZ units are entirely made in electropolished AISI316 stainless steel to grant durability and endurance in the most severe conditions. They are ideal for use with thermal imaging cameras for fire-fighting. TELEA’s IRScan PTZ camera stations offer fully protected internal cabling, fixed cable entry through the base mount junction box, variable speed motors, sunshield, heater/demister, built-in telemetry receiver (Pelco protocol compatible), IP66/IP67 protection.



Thermographic vision system & Fire detection

The company has acquired great experience in the field of garbage disposal with specific solutions for dumps and waste-to-energy plants, from the control of combustion inside the furnace to the management of materials handling in the holes.

Purpose of the developed solutions:
– Identify and locate the hot spots on the surface of the waste as an indication of embers or principles of fire;
– Record immediately critical temperature conditions;
– Automatic evaluation of temperature rises;
– Ability to locate the source of combustion, even with the presence of smoke