Iron & Steel

Conscious that the systems provided are strategic for the customer and for his production’s targets, Telea Tecnovision dedicates continuously resources to develop and realize more and more reliable solutions that prove to be of easy maintenance.
The attention is also addressed to provide an elevated degree of interface with the processing automation, giving the possibility of an interconnection with PLC and DCS, in order to increase the integration level among the systems. The application areas are wide and concern mainly the inside supervision for re-heating furnaces, rolling mills, EBT, LF, VOD and continuous casting process.


High temperature industrial cameras

CAMTEC cameras allow to monitor combustion processes or incandescent materials in different industrial applications, providing clear and detailed images in real time.

They are supplied with special lenses for high temperatures, infrared filters, over temperature thermostats or temperature sensors and all the mechanical parts needed to be joined with SONDATEC housings series.

Aware of the criticalities of industrial environments, the setting and control of CAMTEC camera can be done through a remote keyboard connected to the same connection used for video signal transmission. It is possible to select PAL-NTSC standard through the configuration menu.


High temperature cooled housings

SONDATEC housings are designed for the use of cameras in high temperature environments up to 2200°C and are equipped with water and air cooling system.

The wide range of available models allows to meet all the needs of the existing furnaces and boilers.

SONDATEC housings are available in different lengths from 350 mm up to 4000 mm, with diameters of 89 mm or 101.6 mm and axial or inclined vision (diagonal angles of view up to 105°). Depending on the type of aggressive substances present in the process, special stainless steels, highly resistant alloys or surface protections are used.

SONDATEC products can be installed directly on furnace or boiler wall or using protection devices (OUTEC or INTEC series). Telea Tecnovision has also developed a series of control cabinets (CABTEC) for the control of hydraulic and pneumatic components.


Protection devices

OUTEC protection and fixing devices are designed to allow the protection and mounting on furnace wall of our SONDATEC housings. Safety is guaranteed thanks to the presence of a shutter managed by a pneumatic cylinder which, in case of malfunction, is activated to limit the radiation and overheating of the housing and thanks to a compressed air barrier circuit, which limits the storage of material along the furnace wall and protects the device against temporary overvoltage.

OUTEC device is the ideal solution for steel industry (application on heating furnaces) with internal temperatures up to 1600°C and wall temperatures up to 200°C.

The coupling plate is made of stainless steel AISI304, is water-cooled and has a horizontal and vertical tilt adjustment system that allows easy and cost-effective installation and maintenance.


Control cabinets

The cabinets of CABTEC series allow electrical control, providing the correct supply to the cameras, and hydraulic/pneumatic management: in case of malfunction of the cooling cleaning system (air/water), the device manages the pneumatic (cylinder) or electric actuators (motors) that move the relative protection shutter to ensure the protection of the high temperature vision system.

The typically contained instrumentation consists of: pressure switches, flow switches, thermostats, analogue and digital pressure gauges according to customer’s specific requirements. Different types and materials such as painted steel, laminated polyester or stainless steel are available.


Eletrical Arc furnace, Ledle furnace, Vaccum degassing,
Continuous casting machines, Re-Heating furnace