A safe industrial environment requires an efficient audio communication system, able to give emergency signals and service messages within the entire complex, even in high noise conditions.
Telea makes available to customers a wide range of products to meet every need and critical issues: Intercom terminals and systems, microphones, audio amplifiers, speakers..


The TELEA range of telephones VOIP has been designed to allow the usage of standard terminals using SIP protocol even in critical Industrial sites where specific physical and operational functions are required.
The casings are in aluminium so as to provide good protection against corrosion and humidity and constructed to IP66 standards. The handset is also in aluminium with a proximity sensor activation thus eliminating activation by contacts undesirable in dirty and dusty environments. The unit has a 90dB sounder as standard.
The TELEA range of VOIP telephones TI-IP has a standard unit with 12 buttons (0-9, #, *), a button for the Paging or General Call function, and a button to allow programming of up to 7 other functions on existing buttons. A number of other versions are available such as Hand Free operation, different number of buttons or no buttons for direct call activation.



GALAXY Gate is the “ALL IN ONE” solution updated to “Every day” at Galaxy Server Station.

The system in its extension has been designed to meet the needs of access and access management and therefore:

  • Opening commands management (bars, gates, doors, etc);
  • Communication with LPR targetting cameras system;
  • Control of signaling controls (sirens, traffic lights, etc.);
  • Acquisition of actuators and sensors;
  • Communication to intercoms and video door phones;
  • Speakerphone diffusion management systems;
  • Forwarding pre-recorded voice messages for emergency management;
  • Centralization of alarms coming from systems of fire, intrusion, system abnormalities etc;
  • Displaying images from cameras and CCTV system control;
  • Interface with corporate management systems;