In addition to control systems for industrial processes, Telea Tecnovision provides perimeter surveillance systems integrated with specific sensors, analytics software and alarm systems.
Aware of the many different management needs of the large industrial companies, Telea Tecnovision has an organization able to interact and adapt its solutions to the new market requirements and technological innovations, providing customized solutions.
When customer requirements or bid specification ask for a specific vendor list, Tecnovision is able to integrate third parts components in its system thanks to long experience grown during last 25 years of activity.
Telea Tecnovision also provides technical assistance, repair and periodic maintenance on the systems supplied, looking to a long term partnership with its customer.


Many industries need security cameras and monitoring solutions to protect their site. Telea offers complete high-quality video surveillance, thanks to its wide range of CCTV products:
– PSIM Solution (Physical Security Information Management Software);
– Analog, digital, Internet protocol (IP) and megapixel camera technology;
– Network video recorders;
– VMS (Video Management Software);
– Access control systems (including proximity card and biometric readers);
– Gate access systems;