Safety in the use of explosion-proof equipment is governed by standards that encode the characteristics of enclosures and explosion-proof products, depending on the specific use and nature of the gases in the environment to be controlled.

Telea Tecnovision has the skills to operate in this specific field, with suitable products and with the required certifications and possesses the knowledge necessary for a complete system management in accordance with the ATEX Directive.

Competences and experience in this area allow the provision of CCTV systems for controlling the oil and chemical production process, from extraction to refining and storage, also for offshore and ship installations, as well as for the safety of these plants.


Galaxy Dispatch System (GDS) is an optional add-on software module for Telea Galaxy audio communication server that allows the communication and management from one or more operator station in the control room of radio devices based on DMR technology, including the Call Box series devices.
Being integrated with the Galaxy platform, you can jointly manage radio communication systems with telephone systems, intercom, public address and evacuation.