New IRScan® Explosion proof PTZ Unit

//New IRScan® Explosion proof PTZ Unit

Telea has developed the new IRScan® series for fire detection system based on Infrared camera. Being fast (due to the DC motor), precise, reliable and with long life cycle (thanks to using encoder instead of potentiometer) makes Telea’s IRScan® different from the similar products existing in the market.
The system is complete with two independent RS485 serial lines: one for commanding the IRScan® PTZ unit remotely from the control room (using Pelco-D Protocol), and the second one for configuration of the PTZ parameters (done through Telea’s software “Configbra”) and also “asking” for information (position and temperature) from the IRScan®  PTZ unit to the control room.
To guarantee more security and consistency to ATEX’s rule, a PT100 sensor is installed on board of the IRScan® device which gives feedback to control room.
IRScanDOVEXPTZA  is a version of the IRScan® series specially designed to control coal warehouses, but in general can be used where classified as hazardous area and where there is high risk of fire.
IRScanDOVEXPTZA is supplied with “Air Barrier” function which reduces the accumulation of dust and residues on the lens using blown compressed air.